We make handmade custom wall art designs. Our products are produced using completely natural materials.


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Aspasia was an enlightened Anatolian woman with philosophical knowledge, who left her mark on the century she lived in, who hosted and protected famous sages and artists of the period, who made a name for herself for many years after her death, who took place in the pages of history with her knowledge and life.

Each work that will add a different atmosphere to your living space has its own story.

All of our products are handmade in our own workshop, so there may be slight differences in the textures or paints of the works.

Our products use materials such as plaster, sand, acrylic paint, special floor materials, and foamboard. For durability, we do not use canvas fabric on the floor. Therefore, it does not stretch.

The frames are made of first-class dry fir wood and are coated with a protective coating. The depth of our self-produced frames is 5 cm. The pattern of the frames may vary depending on the pattern of the wood. Painted frames are painted in the same color as the floor color of the work.